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------------- International agreement for the protection of minors in the internet                                         

The idea is to live the impossible as if it were possible (Goethe)
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We demand an international agreement for the protection of minors on the internet

The information will follow soon                                      (You can help contact:  team@agmev.de)

List (PDF)

Until now, advances regarding the protection of minors on the internet were stereotypically denied with the succinct remark, that an agreement is not possible due to the random allocation of internet servers throughout the world. The unlimited possibilities of the internet annul the global efforts for child protection. We should demand a fast international agreement to protect adolescent young people from media addiction, online-role-playing-addiction, pornography, online sex addiction, media violence, nazi propaganda, sect activities, pro-Ana, etc. An agreement would send a signal to families and parents to view and deal with this topic more critically.

The motto of the AKTIV GEGEN MEDIENSUCHT e.V. is: “The abuse of electronic media should be as unpopular as the abuse of alcohol and drugs”. Our previous work has shown, that media addiction is still not taken seriously, even though the number of the affected families is increasing. This can be read at www.rollenspielsucht.de. Parents need to be supported by appropriate international regulations and it must be spoken about this topic more open-mindedly. In many cases, media addiction is labelled as a harmless phenomenon. But in some countries, in Sweden for example, addiction experts embody: “World of Warcraft is the cocaine of the gaming world” (Golem 28.02.2009 2.10 p.m. http://www.heise.de/newsticker/Schwedische-Suchthelfer-World-of-Warcraft-ist-Kokain-der-Computerspielewelt--/meldung/133722)

Affected families and their kids do not have a lobby and therefore, they have great difficulties to be concerned in the political environment. The profits and monetary successes of the gaming industry are growing astronomically at the expense of children and minors (Computerwoche 29.01.2009: „In 2008, the gaming industry realized profits of 695 million euros - 25,5 % sales increase in Germany in 2008).

At the moment, the aftermaths of this are being ignored, but the international need for action will be realized in the upcoming years. Since many families believe that their problem is unique and singular, they do not have the bravery to talk about this. We cannot wait until long-term studies are being conducted, because every passing day is a lost day where many kids and teenagers cross the border towards media addiction. Who bears the blame?

AKTIV GEGEN MEDIENSUCHT e.V. and the parents initiative www.rollenspielsucht.de believe, that in particular, parents are the scapegoats of political and social failure to take on this topic. They should articulate themselves more and more to reach, what a member of the Bundestag once said: “Your initiative with the homepage is a major help to make this topic public and a great support to push the fight against online addiction to a political level, so that adequate  amendments and support programs for the affected people will be enforced.” But at the moment, we are far from a satisfying solution.

AKTIV GEGEN MEDIENSUCHT e.V. appeals to affected parents to organize themselves and to launch support groups in their cities, schools and businesses. This will end the silence and bring their problem to the general public. Together, we can achieve a lot. 

For major stakeholders and lobbies, the international community is able to set up arrangements and agreements. This should also be true for our kids and teenagers. The future of every country is lying in the hands of our youth. Because of this, AKTIV GEGEN MEDIENSUCHT e.V. demands a fast international agreement for the protection of our minors on the internet. Our political parties should be more concerned about this topic and make it part of their election manifesto.

None of the available technical applications to limit internet access for children and teens features a permanent and effective protection against internet abuse. At the moment, the only available option is the total shut-down of PC’s and internet, which cannot be expected from the parents. Therefore, we need fast international regulations to solve this issue. For this reason, AKTIV GEGEN MEDIENSUCHT e.V. and www.rollenspielsucht.de are initiating a signature list. After completion, the lists will be handed out to the respective state governments. Please become a part of this movement and help protect your children and our future.